It’s Not Business, It’s Personal

It’s a little early to celebrate Thanksgiving but being “thankful” is always in season. I’ve had a lot of things swirling around in my head that have needed to come out: my aunt is sick, my business has changed substantially this year, my son has graduated and moved out, lots of changes… Every experience can be looked back on as a lesson. I tend to collect clients as eventual friends and family. I love these people. We’ve just worked as a team. It’s been one, long, team building exercise for the past few months and we’re BFF’s now… Last year I unintentionally let down one of the team. I didn’t even know I was doing it. I found out too late in the game. A dear friend, who started out as a client, wanted help selling her home. This would have been our second time working together. Long story short, I let her down and she ended up listing with another agent. The problem was we never communicated, had the conversation that feelings were getting hurt. When I found out, I apologized but by then it was too late… So, I’m thankful to have had her friendship while it lasted.… read more →