Locking Up

Sunday afternoon I got a call from someone interested in seeing a condo in Annapolis. They wanted to see my favorite condos. This was an opportunity to meet potential clients AND visit a few new units in my favorite Annapolis condos. We all arrive on time and head up the stairs to the third-floor unit. On the way up the stairs the buyers chat about their two dogs, fairly close to being puppies, and the many trips they take outside every day. The first feelings of a potential problem start to nudge my brain, but I resolve to look forward, I’m thinking positive!

First steps into the condo and we’re greeted by ourselves! A huge floor to ceiling mirror takes up the opposite foyer wall. “Well, at least you can ensure your shoes match before you leave the house!” I said…What, no one else has this panic attack half way to their destination? Oh, I guess it’s just me?….The property is nicely updated, hardwood floors, granite, bathrooms, all of it looks great! They have mirrors as kitchen backsplash but that’s Easy to change, on with the positive thoughts! The wife is not feeling this space. She likes the updates, she likes the location, she does Not like the third floor, the mirrors, the paint colors, or all the trips up and down they’ll have to make walking the dogs. An argument breaks out. The husband is selling it hard. It’ll only be two years. This space is perfect! It’s good exercise! I’m standing quietly by, waiting. They decide “there’s no point in even looking at the other condo!” which is right next door. I start locking up. They decide they are there, and they should at least look at it.

I unlock and open the next door. Wow! it’s a totally different layout! It’s lovely. We’re in awe! The wife and I are practically doing snow angels in the living room we love it so much! We’re spreading our hands across the kitchen counters, we’re oohing and ahhing over the closet dressing area AND the bathroom! It’s so bright and fresh! We feel happy! The husband is mouthing the words “sell it!” to me, he’s giving me the thumbs up! I’m nodding and thinking there’s no need, it’s beautiful! We walk upstairs, we place furniture, we talk about contracts, We Are Moving In! And out of left field the husband says “I like the other one better.” The wife and I come to a screeching halt and just look at him.  Finally a coherent sentence makes it’s way to the top of my brain, thankfully not out of my mouth: Are you kidding me? Luckily, the wife says what I’m thinking. I just blink. He’s back to selling the other property, which she has told him in every way possible how much she detests. Another argument breaks out. He wants to go back to look at the first unit. I lock up, again.

We walk into the first property and I decide to sit in the only chair available while they have it out. Did I mention they’ve been looking for three years?