Yeah! It’s Done…Now what?

I have just spent the past 3 hours trying to design a newsletter for the sole purpose of attaching my blog. If anyone has read “If You Give A Pig A Pancake…” then you will understand the process I have just endured.

I have so many things to write about right now but many are very personal and will probably need to trickle out as I learn to articulate them better. So, today is a random blog. I hope you enjoy it.

The picture above makes me laugh every time I read it: Hot Bean Water. That just makes me chuckle. I once tried to train myself to get used to drinking my coffee with Splenda. “It’s the same as sugar” they all said. “You can’t even tell.” I can tell. My tastebuds are not fooled. They know I am trying to slip them chemicals and they do not appreciate it. At the same time I was also cutting back on tasty things like Chips, Sourdough BREAD, and yummy Pastries and Cookies. My tastebuds knew what was happening and one day they had a chat with my common sense and said- What are you doing? This is the one truly luxurious time you get in the day before things can go downhill. You haven’t started trying to chew your arm off yet. You still like your children. Put Sugar in your coffee!! And so I did. And I’m happy.

Then there was the time I was at Disney and almost swam with sharks. Right. What was I thinking? My husband was really into this point of our vacation, which is interesting because he is not a strong swimmer. There we were, picking up our snorkel masks and tube things, waving to our kids on the bridge over the shark infested waters. There was a lifeguard in the center of the pool just chilling on her red life saving floaty thing telling everyone entering the pool not to splash. Please do not splash. Please do not make any sudden movements. My husband has put his mask on and is off. I have never snorkeled before so I’m trying to get over the brain sucking feeling of having the mask on my face, and my face in the water at the same time. Meanwhile, a group of international visitors have entered the area, ready to swim with the sharks. “Please do not splash the water. Please do not make any sudden movements” The new group does not understand the words that the lifeguard is saying and they rush the water like it’s the hottest summer day and the only pool for miles. There’s A Lot of splash and laughing. The lifeguard is hanging off her red floaty, repeating her words in a much louder but still calm voice. But they do not heed the warning. I am standing there staring at them, trying to get used to the brain sucking mask, about to enter shark infested water that has just been churned up. What am I doing? I don’t want to swim with sharks. I watch Shark Week as some sort of sick reminder of Jaws and why I don’t swim in the ocean. This is insane. I simply took off the mask, handed it to the lifeguard trying to help and said “I’m good, thanks”. He said “You don’t want to go?” at which I responded “No. I’m on vacation.”

To make this very profound blog even deeper I hope you will learn a few lessons from me: Have sugar in your coffee, no matter the fad diet, you deserve it. And Don’t swim with sharks. Two very good life lessons.


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