Structural Inspection by Gandalf, Today!

Meeting with a Structural Engineer to check out the integrity of my clients house of choice today….Meeting with a Structural Engineer is really a fascinating experience. The first time I went through one of these inspections I held my breath and waited for the house to fall down on top of us. The inspector carried around a long metal staff with the top end fashioned like a wine screw. It was almost as tall as the inspector. I followed him around the basement of the home while he quietly peered at bits of space and then suddenly he was swinging the staff at a beam and “Thwack!” Holy GOD! He did this for awhile….peer, mutter, THWACK! I was expected to keep my distance or my head, it was up to me. After awhile he started taking his finger nail and scratched at things here and there on the wall, muttering, muttering, asking questions, muttering….armed with the staff. Fascinating, …and a little scary. It’s better than a movie but you really have no appetite for a snack.