Was it Always like this?

Was it always like this?

I’m sitting in my office, waiting. I’m waiting for the Second heating repair company to show up. I bought a home warranty with my property when we purchased our new home in November (or rather the sellers bought us a home warranty at our request). I had my first opportunity to use it yesterday when I was told by my 15 year old that there was water “all over the basement”. Luckily, he exaggerates. But still, there was water, and it wasn’t a good way to start the morning. I called the warranty company and was given a two hour window that they would arrive later that afternoon (Tip: I was actually given a 48 hour window but then I called the company who would be coming out and they gave me an accurate window). The representative showed up on time and I walked him through what I know: Here’s the puddle in the basement. Do you have any questions? I’ll be in my office if you need anything.


He tinkered around with the system for about 20 minutes and then came to my office. The run down of what he learned was my furnace/heat pump is fine. The leak is coming from my humidistat and their company is not allowed, under my warranty, to work on humidistats. He has turned it off so it should stop leaking. He suggested I call the name on the side of the unit who installed the system and that company “might” work with my warranty. That will be $75, thanks. Really.


I called the company on the side of the unit and now, one day later, I’m waiting for them. Luck is still with me and the unit is under warranty, IF the problem is something that’s covered under the warranty. Lets hope it is. I have a diabetic cat that has cost me almost $700 in the last week alone. She’s lucky I have a 10 year old who watches her like a hawk or we could buy a .50 Snickers bar and be done. (I’m kidding, don’t report me to my daughter)


But my earlier question, has it always been like this? This is our third home purchase, and I don’t remember all the hold times, workers (outside of inspections), utilities that overlap, etc. I know I counsel clients about this business everyday but I’m starting to believe it’s a good thing I’m reliving it. I’m getting a refresher. I can now truly sympathize, give updated tips, and guidance. I can help with take out menus and give my number for those moments when they might call an unsuspecting friend to blast them about an innocent request/email. I’m getting on the job training. It may have taken me awhile but I just found the positive: yes, it’s always been like this and I’m thrilled to be sitting here.