Election November 2014

What has happened in the last two weeks? People have been fence jumping left and right, buying and selling houses-in November! This is a notoriously slow time of year (unless you’re in California then it’s generally referred to as the Second Spring)…. but not this year.  I feel like I’m getting a call a day: I’m thinking about selling my home…buying a home…we’d like you to come by to take a look for selling in the spring….

Was it the election?

Was it the latest news from the Feds?

I really couldn’t say. What I can say is it brings out the politics in real estate agents. It’s weird. Here’s the scenario: I call an agent to ask about their listing for a buyer. That agent calls me back and gives me the requested information. Instead of just saying thanks and hanging up, we do a little small talk about how busy it’s gotten. It’s like talking about the weather for realtors.  Next thing I know I’m getting an ear full of her politics.  What?  What just happened? Did I miss the turn? She just threw a political bomb at me and now I have to nicely get Off the phone and not screw up this deal for my people when I really think she’s a little nutty. Who does that? It’s like asking a perfect stranger why they have a massive deformity. We know not to do that.  Our mothers practically pinched our arms off when we were kids when we did that. No one does that.  Next time an agent asks me how busy it’s been lately I’m going to brief them on the polar vortex. Weather, not politics, it’s an unspoken rule.