Fall 2014

I don’t fit in my pants. Normally, people come out of summer fit, toned, beach and pool body ready. Not me. I came out of summer stressed, full of cookies, and good summer times. My husband retired from the Air Force this summer. I worked my real estate butt off this summer (not literally). But I also enjoyed relaxing this summer. Who has time for the gym, I’d rather walk my dogs. Recently I sent an email to a friend who worried she was becoming an old lady who was hoarding bowls and platters from HomeGoods. Turns out she’s on a special diet that cuts everything tasty. That email prompted this post….

Don’t worry about the bowls…You like them because they hold tasty things, like dairy products. You’re not becoming a hoarder, you need to add dairy back into your diet. What kind of crazy nonsense is that diet?! *mumbling* …giving up dairy…I’d starve. Last night I was drinking my wine, my life’s blood, and the only thing I could find that wasn’t cookies (mmmm cookies) was cheese. Don’t think I didn’t just about deplete the lunch cheese slices we have in our house. That super thin, extra sharp, white cheddar is something else! Yum!

I’ve started back to the gym. I’m taking classes to keep me there for the hour that each class runs. I’m cutting back on my chip and cookie intake. But I’m still keeping some of the fun in eating. My neighbor brought over brownies the other day and I shared them with my children instead of hiding them in the laundry room. See, I’m getting there. One step at a time.