Summer 2014

The children are out of school, the “boredom” has started, and the yelling. I’m working upstairs in my office, trying to find a calm place in my mind to write my first ever blog post from this new, shiny WordPress site….and all I can hear is yelling from the first floor, and now crying. As a parent I look forward to summer vacation: no more homework, lunches to pack, harping over study habits (or the lack of), you get the idea.  But after the first few days it dawns on me, like clockwork, now what? Now these people are in my office every half hour needing a mediator, asking about food choices, wanting to go somewhere, do something, or telling me how bored they are, and I’m trying to work. I have discovered, individually, my children make wonderful companions for touring property. They offer valid input and usually figure out how to work things in the home that I can’t wrap my head around (fancy delay light bulbs in every room that my patience just couldn’t allow enough time to work…kids catch these things). In closing, I will continue to use my peppy tone when responding to everything they bring to me. I will continue to find things that I do that they can help me with…and I will remember, they are only little once. I will miss this time one day and wish (like my mother) that I can do it all again. Pray for me, the crying is still going downstairs and I’m now hiding up in my office.