Taking the world in….

One loooong second at a time.  My family will roll their eyes when I say this but, I never realized how impatient I am.  Recently I had foot surgery.  I’m now forced to gimp around in a boot and everywhere I need to go takes forever to get there. Don’t wait till the last second to go to the bathroom….there have been some close calls recently. Morning coffee is no joke. It’s like something straight out of a cartoon, careening around the corner, chickens flying out of the way, my boot swinging out to the side, hopping on my one good leg, flinging the bathroom door open, who cares if I close it, the damn cat will open it anyway…you get the idea.

I’ve tried to make my slow hobble into a Zen learning experience…”Aren’t those nice flowers….Hm, still pretty flowers… I wonder if they made a pattern out of them?….No, no pattern…I really don’t like pansies. Pansies die so quickly in the heat…..If this takes much longer the damn flowers are going to be dead before I get into the damn building.” It’s not working out so well.