Spring Fever

The snow has stopped, the birds are twittering (at an ungodly hour), the plants are blooming, and we all have spring fever!  I love it!  I’ve spent time talking to my plants…. and the weeds. I tell them how wonderful they look….or their days are numbered.  I tell very few that the others are doing much better but I know they are working hard and will catch up. I have faith. This is a ritual I do every spring and I haven’t been disappointed yet.

Spring fever has hit the real estate market as well and I am soaking up every second. I want to work-all the time. I’m making a bad habit of checking emails, sending replies, and doing little bits of paperwork late at night.  I shouldn’t be doing it but I WANT TO. It truly is a fever. I am driving my husband crazy with marketing ideas. He cares, but not really, not this much, or not anymore. He’s willing to slap any logo on his body just to get me to stop talking about it. Well that’s all the encouragement I needed….

 Look for it, coming soon…some form of wearable article with GetMaggie.com on it…maybe a hat….or perhaps a shirt….I’ll go ask my husband 😉