Yeah! I got my tax refund…and now it’s gone.

I know I should set everything up so the government isn’t making interest on my money so lets just get that argument out of the way first thing.  We aren’t doing it the right way.  Sure. We’ll do better next time. I promise.  But now that I’ve said that, lets talk about 2013’s refund check. It’s like winning a little lottery, of our own money.  Do we want a big screen TV- no. Do we want to take some kind of vacation…no. Do we want to save  money for a rainy day…no. (I know there’s some serious head scratching going on right about now) We want to pay off our son’s braces. We want to set aside an emergency fund (especially after the tire slashing episode), we want to pay off the last time I had dental work (it happens more often than I would like).  We want…some extra breathing room.  Things have been getting kind of snug around here and the thought that Sam could be driving in a year (boys car insurance, who Hasn’t heard that horror story?!), graduating in 3 years, college just after…That was a wake up call that hit me some time last month and I’m still feeling the effects. 

Step 1- Emergency fund, Step 2- Get out of debt. Step 3- Make sure we have enough money to retire on. Step 4- technically a floating step- make sure my children are paying attention during step’s 1-4 so they don’t make the same mistakes we did.

Piece of cake…