Wow, It’s mid March

It’s mid March and I’m still futzing (that’s a new word I learned today) with my real estate website,  I finally enlisted help from web designer Alex Mead of Clark Communications Group. Alex doesn’t have business cards so here’s a big shout out for Alex!

Anyhow, Alex has been trying to figure out how to answer all my blogging needs. I want to blog to the people. I want to archive my blogs so they are readily accessible to the people. I want to email my blogs, monthly…to the people (are you sensing the sarcasm font? I hope so or you’re thinking I’m nuts!) It came down to Tumblr. So here I am. My task for today was to start a Tumblr account and then Alex would get the thing into my website. I don’t know how any of that works, that’s why I have Alex. He’s going to “make it do”. One of my favorite phrases. It captures the pure frustration a person is in when finally asking for help.

Nothing real estate related here, other than I’m taking up space on the web….I guess I can’t just leave it at that.  This spring market is really looking wonderful! Home sales are climbing and sales/closing prices are going up. It looks like we are leveling out and I just want to grin All The Time. Good news for all of us!