Let in..Not snow.

I hate the snow. I can understand how that could sound pessimistic. A few days ago it was 60 degrees outside and I was talking to all the little buds in my garden.  I had shrugged off the grudge I had been holding against the red robin and we were all living in peace. I was WEARING FLIP FLOPS! And then on Sunday it started to snow again. We got 6 inches. in March. Every year I say the same thing: It’s March, how could it be snowing?! I would say the same thing when I was in the military, years ago, sliding down the airfield, testing the slickness of the runway.  Why am I always surprised?…. This is Facebook’s fault. That’s right. Facebook is the cause of my grumble. They allow people in warmer states to post sun-shining pictures of themselves on the beach, in the sun, with colorful toe nails and short sleeves, in February. I’m going to go bake something while I still have the energy and then off to bed. Maybe I’ll wake up and it will be spring? Humph.