Into the Matrix

I ventured into the Matrix today. It was an exhausting experience that took…about 10 minutes.  A friend suggested I change the font on my blog. Apparently the old font was tough to read, “bubbly”. I Googled “how do I change the font on Tumblr?”  Who knew, there is a step by step instruction guide WITH pictures. I emailed it to myself last night because I wasn’t up to venturing into the Matrix at 10:30 p.m. I needed to be fresh, thinking straight, up for the possible disaster that I could create by attempting this. Going into the Matrix at 10:30 at night only leads to drama. 

First thing this morning I opened up a word document, added a text box, made the box green, made the text white, and started experimenting with text.  All of that took about 20 minutes. My coffee hadn’t taken full effect yet. I wrote down my chosen text (it’s on one of the sticky notes around here…) and then jumped into the rabbit hole. I’m not kidding, it’s the Matrix. There was code everywhere. It was intimidating. But I found my current font, checked it, double checked, triple checked it…re-looked up the instructions on the internet-just to be sure…and then changed it. Voila! It worked. I saved that puppy and skittered out of there as quickly as I could. 

So now I’ve been to the Matrix. No passport stamp needed, thanks.